Property Management & Leasing Services

Why Use Property Managment:
  • So you can concentrate on your day job
  • Not have to waste your time showing vacant units to no-show or unqualified tentants
  • Waste your time pricing out maintenance to be done. 
  • Calls from tenants at all times of day and night
  • Lawn Service
  • Snow Removal
  • While using a Property management company you can reduce taxable income owed at year end.

Who would use our Services:
  • Real Estate investor with a day job.
  • Real Estate home owners or investors who re-locate to another state or city and don't want to sell their real estate holdings but can't take care of the managing remotely.
  • First time investors, investors who have thought of investing in real estate but never did desire to perform land lording and day to day responsibilities.
  • The baby boomer/retiree that wants diversification in their portfolio and cash income but does not want to deal with the headaches of dealing with managing their own holdings.      
Weide Realty, LLC - Property Management
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        Weide Realty LLC Property Management Services was established to assist the landlord or property owner by taking the frustration and hassle out of owning investment properties. We specialize in the property management of single family, duplexes and four unit buildings throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Unlike so many other property management companies that shy away from these properties, we embrace them. Our services also extend to condominiums and apartment buildings, but we primarily concentrate on the small real estate investor, understanding that their needs are just as important as larger real estate investors. We empathize with the small real estate investor because that is where the idea for our company began.
        For years we have owned investment properties because of the amazing benefits that they possess, whether it is gaining equity in the house year after year or having the extra income supplied by the rent. But as we all know it can become quite a headache, having to juggle the responsibilities of work, family and so many other aspects of life all while being a landlord. By using Weide Realty LLC Property Management Services we can return the wasted time and energy that you are exhausting on your property. Allowing you the luxury of more free time which can be better suited for your needs.
        Weide Realty LLC Property Management Services is a family owned and operated business. Our management approach is very personal and intimate. We consider each of our clients to be a part of our extended family, managing your property with the consideration as if it were our own. Whether it is screening tenants for a vacancy or resolving any issues that may arise we take our clients best interest into account first and foremost.
        The list of services that we provide is very extensive and we can tailor a property management plan or lease agreement to fit any client’s needs. To inquire about our services click the service menu on the website or feel free to contact us with any additional questions, we would be happy to assist you at anytime.
What is Weide Realty LLC Property Management & Leasing Services