Property Management & Leasing Services

What is Weide Realty, LLC Property Management and Leasing Services?

- we assist the landlord or property owner by taking the hassle out of owning investment properties

- we specialize in single family homes, duplexes, tri/quads, and small apartment buildings

- we focus on Southeastern Wisconsin areas

- we are family owned and operated business, we consider each of our clients to be a part of our extended family

- we manage your property with the consideration as if it was our own​

Why use property management? 

- focus on your day job

- do not have to take time out of your weekend to show vacant units or find new tenants

- no longer waste your time on pricing out maintenance to be done

- the calling of the tenants all times of the day and night

- lawn and snow removal

- you can reduce taxable income owed at the end of the year​​​​​​
Who would use property management? 

​​​​​​- real estate investor with a day job

- real estate home-owners or investors who re-locate and do not want to sell

- first time investors who do not want want the responsibilities of a landlord

- can potentially make an income with your properties, but don't have to deal with the headaches along with renting